HuScan® Human Proteome Phage-display (PhIP-Seq)

Entire Human Proteome in a Single Tube Assay

HuScan® PhIP-Seq is composed of an entire normal human proteome as defined by the NCBI RefSeq database.


HuScan® PhIP-Seq Overview

Bacteriophage Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (PhIP-Seq) is a powerful method of multiplexed analysis that combines DNA high-throughput sequencing with next-generation proteomics

PhIP-Seq allows researchers to determine what antibodies were created by an individual’s unique history of immune exposures. PhIP-Seq is the highest-coverage antigen-specific assay yet developed, able to detect antibodies versus virtually any antigen via overlapping long peptides. HuScan™ enables simultaneous epitope-level autoantibody profiling versus an entire NCBI human proteome (48,921 proteins and isoforms) via phage-display and immunoprecipitation sequencing.

HuScan Overview

HuScan Technology Overview